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NPL debuts its awesome-looking Hustle energy drink infused with nootropics

npl hustle energy drink

South African brand NPL has revealed and released the all-new Hustle beverage it teased a few weeks ago, formulated to enhance energy and mental focus. You can finally get a complete look at the creatively designed product in the image above, where you’ll see NPL has not branded Hustle like its supplements, giving it a much more fresh, modern label design.

On the formula side of the Hustle energy drink, NPL hasn’t just thrown in the usual mix of features. The brand has brought together a handful of active ingredients to deliver on that promise of energy and focus, and they’re transparently dosed. Each can of Hustle includes B vitamins, electrolytes, a gram of taurine, 200mg of theanine, a very light 100mg of tyrosine, and 300mg of alpha-GPC.

Caffeine is, of course, also included in NPL’s Hustle energy drink at a moderate 150mg of caffeine, which, as we’ve mentioned many times before, is right around our preferred amount for an anytime energy beverage. The product is also nutritionally friendly, having no sugar or carbohydrates, zero calories, and like most energy drinks, it is promoting great taste.

The Hustle energy drink has debuted in three flavors, each given its own unique name with Yellow Jacket, a mix of pineapple and berries; Envy, a crisp apple taste; and Halo, a cotton candy recipe. All of the flavors are in stock and available through the brand’s website in single, double, six, and 24 pack options and cost as low as R11.87 (0.78 USD) each in that large case of two dozen cans.