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Squeezy peanut butter brand Nutchup has 20 new flavors coming down the pipeline

nutchup 20 more flavors

Nutchup is a unique peanut butter brand out of Europe that uniquely packages its impressive variety of nut butter in easy to serve squeeze bottles as opposed to your traditional jar. The brand currently has 11 options out there for its squeezy peanut butter, including the usual smooth and crunchy, and sauce style flavors like Sweet Curry and Smokey BBQ.

While 11 different nut butters is a lot for any brand, Nutchup is planning to expand that selection in the coming months, and not by a small margin. The functional company has revealed it is getting ready to more than double the size of its lineup to 31. The brand has 20 new flavors of nut butter coming down the pipeline, which will undoubtedly include some surprises.

Nutchup has not shared what any of those upcoming flavors will be, not even any clues, only saying that there are indeed 20, all keeping with its original highlights of no palm oil and zero added sugar and salt.

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