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Standalone turkesterone supplement arriving in September from Nutra Innovations

nutra innovations turkesterone

Over the past few weeks, Nutra Innovations has unveiled a couple of new muscle-building supplements, one of which was the slightly more advanced Natty Bol, featuring three key ingredients. The compounds making up Natty Bol are KSM-66 ashwagandha at a full 600mg per serving, a gram of arachidonic acid, and half a gram of turkesterone.

If you’re a fan of Nutra Innovations and liked the idea of giving turkesterone a run but didn’t want to buy it in combination with the other Natty Bol ingredients, next month, you’ll get the chance to do so. As well as launching its three-ingredient muscle builder, Nutra Innovations is coming out with a standalone turkesterone product with a slightly higher dose.

Nutra Innovation’s straightforward Turkesterone is going to feature its title ingredient at 300mg per capsule, and with 60 capsules a bottle, it is enough to supply you with 600mg a day for a typical month. The supplement aims to support muscle strength, size, and recovery and will be available from the brand’s website on September 2nd at $59.99 a bottle.