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Performax puts together another intense formula for its 2021 edition of Hypermax

Performax Labs Hypermax 3D

We recently got the first look at Performax Labs’ intense and great-looking rebrand for 2021, previewed on a new and improved version of its top-rated pre-workout Hypermax. To continue the hype and excitement the reputable brand is currently building up until the launch of its rebrand; it has now shared the formula behind its reformulated Hypermax.

The current version of Performax Labs’ Hypermax earned the number one spot on our list of top five pre-workouts when it launched, so its replacement certainly has big shoes to fill. Over the many years we’ve followed the brand, it has only improved its Hypermax experience, and that is, of course, the goal with its latest iteration referred to as Hypermax-3D.

Loaded formula

Performax Labs’ all-new Hypermax is formulated to provide an all-around experience, loaded with ingredients to increase energy, enhance focus and pumps, and improve performance. Its predecessor did a tremendous job at delivering a balance of those benefits, with the only area we found lacking to be muscle pumps.

Performax Labs Hypermax 3d Label

For the 2021 Hypermax or Hypermax-3D, Performax Labs has put a lot more into the pre-workout to intensify pumps, including the premium pump blend 3D Pump at a full 6g per maximum serving. Also in there to support pumps is 3g of pure citrulline, that’s on top of the citrulline already in 3D Pump, plus beta-alanine and betaine for performance.

On the stimulant side of the upcoming Hypermax, an area Performax Labs has always been able to come through with a five-star experience; it is as packed out as expected. The supplement’s maximum serving includes the likes of 400mg of caffeine, 250mg of eria jarensis, Cocobuterol, a solid 2g of tyrosine, 400mg of ThinFen PEA, and 2mg of alpha yohimbine.

Launch details

The pre-workout does indeed look like another solid entry into the highly competitive category and worthy of the Hypermax name. We have been running the product for the past couple of weeks and will have our full review out later this week. Performax Labs has not set a launch date for the supplement but has given a timeframe of seven to ten days.