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G Fuel’s long-running Pink Lemonade is getting a facelift and making a comeback

pink lemonade g fuel

One of G Fuel’s more straightforward and much older flavors is making a comeback, and with it is coming a fresh new look for the product. The flavor being resurrected is a classic Pink Lemonade, which is one of the brand’s earliest additions to the energy and focus-enhancing gaming supplement. If we remember correctly, Pink Lemonade dates all the way back to 2013.

Despite how long it’s been around, as mentioned, the original Pink Lemonade G Fuel is returning, and with the much more colorful and eye-catching label design pictured above. Like most new flavors announced by G Fuel, Pink Lemonade has only been revealed for now and is not available for purchase, although there is a waitlist to join to be notified when it arrives.

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