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Functional brand Powerful unveils its three-product Powerful Hydration Series

powerful nutrition hydration series

Functional brand Powerful has announced a whole new line of hydration supplements, which are very different from the high-protein snacks and foods it’s known for. There are three products in the brand’s Powerful Hydration collection, all built to support and improve hydration, with two of the three separate by their inclusion of some additional features.

The regular Powerful Hydration supplement has a variety of vitamins and minerals, as well as coconut water, all included to enhance hydration and performance. The other two feature those same base ingredients plus vitamin D and zinc to make Powerful Hydration Immunity, and vitamin D, ashwagandha, and tart cherry to create Powerful Hydration Stress Relief.

The Powerful Hydration series is essentially a functional family of hydration supporting products designed to provide that title benefit, plus immune health and stress relief in those separate versions. None of them are available for purchase just yet but will be soon; in fact, you can sign up on its website to be notified when any of the three become available.