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Rule One introduces its dedicated hydration and performance formula Lytes+

rule one lytes

After teasing the supplement last week, today, as promised, Rule One Proteins has revealed and released its latest entirely new product, introducing Lytes+. It is a dedicated hydration formula created to support hydration, performance, and endurance, and it can seamlessly stack with any of the brand’s many other performance and workout-based supplements.

The main ingredients in Rule One Proteins’ all-new Lytes+ include a gram of citrulline malate, a 580mg combination of coconut water and watermelon, taurine, vitamins A and C, and a blend of five electrolytes. To keep the product focused on hydration, Lytes+ also has no sugar and only a grab of carbohydrates, giving it a calorie count of 10 with a refreshing Lemon Lime flavor.

As mentioned, Rule One Proteins has officially launched Lytes+ this week, and you can now purchase it directly from the brand’s online store over at with slightly more than the usual 30 servings a tub at 40.