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Sneak puts together exclusive versions of three flavors for Sneak Elite members

sneak elite version

Creative gaming brand Sneak has put together a new line of supplements for members of its referral system, Sneak Elite. From what we can tell, the supplements are all reskinned versions of already flavors of the brand’s flagship energy and focus product. There are three flavors in total for Sneak Elite members to redeem in Blue Raspberry, Tropikilla, and Cherry Bomb.

You can see a shot of Sneak’s Elite version in the image above, where the brand has changed the background graphics of the supplement as well as swapped out its own name “Sneak”, for the word “Elite”. We haven’t seen a facts panel for the spin-off, but the tubs have the same weight and amount of servings, so we’re guessing they feature the same ingredients and dosages.

As mentioned earlier, the only way to get your hands on any or all of the Sneak Elite edition products is through the brand’s Sneak Elite referral system. That is where you can earn points for referring people to the brand; you’re then rewarded with points for sales which you can, in turn, redeem for products, now including the Sneak Elite supplements at 2,500 points each.

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