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Authentic Snickers protein bar in Europe gets a spin-off filled with crispy pieces

snickers hiprotein crisp

The candy company Mars in the UK has dropped several protein snacks, treats, and powders over the past few years, all authentically based on some of its most popular candy bars. We’ve seen the chocolate and coconut treat Bounty become a protein snack, M&M’s turn into a protein bar and powder, and many different Mars and Snickers creations.

Mars has put together another authentic protein product this month, and it is another snack based on its iconic chocolate and peanut candy bar, Snickers. The many Snickers protein snacks we’ve seen from Mars include a typical Snickers protein bar and powder, the limited edition Peanut Butter Snickers bar, and White Chocolate Snickers protein bar and powder.

The latest high-protein Snickers product is another edible snack, with the Snickers Crisp protein bar. Like the regular Snicker’s protein bar, Snickers Crisp has a chocolate and caramel-flavored main body, with caramel and peanuts on top and covered in chocolate. The difference with Snickers Crisp is it also has crispy pieces alongside the caramel and peanuts.

By the looks of things, Mars is already rolling out its Snickers Crisp protein bar to distributors and retailers in the UK and Europe, meaning fans can look forward to seeing it on shelves soon. For those interested in its macros, they are similar to the other Snickers protein bars with 20g of protein, 15.4g of carbohydrates, 8.5g of that sugar, 8.2g of fat, and 218 calories.