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Swedish brand takes a hardcore approach in its impressive Raw Extreme Series

svenskt kosttillskott raw extreme series

Widely available Swedish supplement company Svenskt Kosttillskott, which translates to Swedish Dietary Supplements, has a whole new line of products out this month called the Raw Extreme Series. It is a collection of supplements geared towards more advanced lifters looking for high-quality, well-put-together, and comprehensive formulas, each for its own specific category.

There are seven different products making up Svenskt Kosttillskott’s Raw Extreme Series with the protein-based supplements Lean Gains and Extreme Gains. Next, you have the strength and performance products Extreme Power, Extreme Creatine, and Extreme Pump, the unique nighttime recovery supplement Muscle Saver, and the flavored, stimulant fat burner Extreme Burn.

To give you an idea of the kind of formulas you’re getting with the Raw Extreme Series from Svenskt Kosttillskott, the pre-workout Extreme Power is a truly good example. The typically mainstream brand has loaded this one with 5g each of beta-alanine and GlycerPump, 8g of citrulline malate, a never-before-seen 5g dose of tyrosine, 300mg of caffeine, and several others.

Svenskt Kosttillskott Raw Extreme Series is a great addition to its catalog, giving its fans and followers a step up in advanced sports nutrition if they want to spend the extra money. The prices on the seven products do vary with Extreme Creatine the lowest at 299 kr, Extreme Power and Burn at 349 kr (40.08 USD), and Extreme Gains coming in the highest at 599 kr (68.79 USD).