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Fans of Switch are finally getting a dairy-based protein in WPI 95 Switch

switch nutrition wpi 95 switch

When Switch Nutrition came out with its first-ever protein powder, it was not the usual whey-based or blend-style supplement; it was the now number one rated plant-based Vegan Switch. The Australian brand has announced it will soon be joining the highly saturated and competitive dairy-side of the protein powder category with the entirely new WPI 95 Switch.

Switch Nutrition’s WPI 95 Switch is a premium protein powder made with incredibly lean, all-natural whey protein isolate 95%, providing a solid amount of protein in every scoop with almost no carbohydrates and fat. The brand has also enhanced the supplement with added enzymes to improve digestion, and, of course, it is due to launch in a strong selection of flavors.

WPI 95 Switch is releasing in two days on Wednesday at 7 AM local time, which will be Tuesday evening for those of us in the US. As mentioned, the product is hitting the market in four flavors, or three actual flavors, all packing 30 servings. The options fans are going to have to choose from are Chocolate Milk, Vanilla Creme, Peanut Brittle, and Unflavored for smoothies.