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G Fuel jams seven all-new flavors into the Collector’s Box of its Tetris collaboration

tetris blast g fuel variety bundle

Tetris Blast is an authentic flavor the gaming supplement company G Fuel put together for its powder product and energy drink, in partnership with the iconic video game. Both of those items have been on the market for a while now, but this week, the brand has rolled out another Tetris collaboration that is very different from the supplement and beverage.

G Fuel has created an authentic Tetris Blast Collector’s Box, featuring a small 16oz shaker bottle, and instead of a 40 serving tub of Tetris Blast, you get a bundle of special edition Tetris Blast stick packs. The interesting part about the stick packs is they’re not the same flavor as the original Tetris Blast; you get six sticks each of seven completely new flavors.

G Fuel refers to its new Tetris Blast Collector’s Box stick pack options as Tetrimino flavors. As mentioned, there are seven of them with Z-Tetrimino (strawberry), J-Tetrimino (raspberry), T-Tetrimino (berry punch), O-Tetrimino (citrus lime), L-Tetrimino (orange), S-Tetrimino (apple), and finally, I-Tetrimino (pineapple passionfruit).

The Tetris Blast Tetrimino Collector’s Box is certainly an interesting release, and with seven new flavors in it, fans have many more reasons than usual to pick this one up and try the selection. Keep in mind, the Collector’s Box is a limited edition product that is not going to be around forever, so be sure to grab it from G Fuel’s website while it’s still in stock.

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