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Flavor number six announced and coming soon to VNDL’s original pre-workout

Vndl Project Pink Paradise Vandal Pre Workout

When the still relatively new brand VNDL Project came to market, it did so with the one supplement to start in a stimulant-powered pre-workout named Vandal Pre-Workout. The product impressively debuted with a strong selection of flavor options at a total of four, including Cherry Slushie, New Zealand Kiwi, Squeezed Citrus, and Royal Lemonade.

Since that debut back near the end of 2019, VNDL Project has returned to its original supplement on one occasion and added a colorful and limited edition Rainbow Burst flavor to its Vandal Pre-Workout. The brand is now getting ready to give back to its first product once again by way of another flavor, and this time, it is not going to be limited edition.

In the coming weeks, VNDL Project plans on launching its Vandal Pre-Workout in flavor number six, with the refreshing and tropical recipe, Pink Paradise. You’ll be able to grab it first through the brand’s online store, where a tub of 20 full servings of the well-dosed pre-workout will cost you $54.99.

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