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Built Brands drops its peanut butter protein balls at $30 for a box of 16

Built Balls Launch

As promised, the creative functional food company Built Brands has launched its newest protein snack today, the tasty-looking and peanut butter-filled Built Balls. The product is the brand’s spin on the classic snack ball featuring a body made of almonds, pumpkin seeds, quinoa crisps, and more, then inside all of that is deliciously smooth peanut butter.

Something we couldn’t confirm before today, were the nutrition profiles of Built Brands’ two Built Balls flavors in Peanut Butter Brownie and Coconut Almond. Every pack of the product comes with two 25g balls, each providing 5g of protein, 6 to 7g of fat, 10 to 11g of carbohydrates with 1 to 2g of that sugar, and 90 calories in Peanut Butter Brownie and 100 in Coconut Almond.

The macros aren’t as lean as Built Brands’ flagship, high-protein Built Bar, with the carbohydrate to protein in Built Balls being much higher, although that peanut butter center makes it sound worth it. The brand has given its newest functional food a reasonable price, debuting on its website at $29.95 for a box of 16 packets, and remember, each packet has two balls.