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5% Nutrition rebrands and reformulates its pump pre-workout Full As F*ck

5 Nutrition Legendary Series Full As Fck

Over the past year or so, 5% Nutrition has been gradually rebranding its line of sports nutrition supplements to a brighter, more eye-catching white and red design, with the exception of its recently released, straightforward Core Series. This week the brand has applied that transformation to its original, stimulant-free pump-enhancing pre-workout Full As F*ck.

To go with the refreshed label design, 5% Nutrition has also reformulated Full As F*ck, keeping a number of ingredients from the original as well as adding in some entirely new ones. Some of the key differences in the updated product include 25% more pure citrulline at 5g per serving, double and branded GlycerSize glycerol at 2g, and added Nitrosigine and S7.

The 5% Nutrition supplement still aims to enhance muscle pumps while you work out and without any stimulants, so it can be stacked with any of the brand’s stimulant pre-workouts, Kill It, Kill It Reloaded, and the high-powered 5150. To go with all of the exciting changes, the brand has also added two new flavors to Full As F*ck in Push Pop and Blueberry Lemonade.