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Alpha Lion gives its limited October pre-workouts flavor a Halloween theme

Alpha Lion Screamsicle American Psycho Superhuman

With the end of another month just a few days away, the always busy Alpha Lion has unveiled the next lot of products for its impressively consistent, limited Pre-Workout Of The Month Series. This is where the brand drops two special edition flavors every month, one each for a separate Superhuman pre-workout such as Superhuman Supreme and Superhuman Burn.

The seventh launch from Alpha Lion’s Pre-Workout Of The Month Series is arriving this Friday at 3 PM Pacific Time with one flavor for Superhuman Extreme and one for Superhuman Pump. As per usual, the brand has creatively named the flavors with the blue Hawaiin cooler recipe American Psycho for Superhuman Extreme and the cherry-based Screamsicle for Superhuman Pump.

Once again, the American Psycho Superhuman Extreme and Screamsicle Superhuman Pump are dropping this Friday at 3 PM Pacific in Alpha Lion’s online store. Many of the releases from the brand’s Pre-Workout Of The Month Series have sold incredibly quickly, so if you like the sound of American Psycho and Screamsicle, don’t wait around when they go live in three days.