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Alpha Lion goes with a fitting football theme for its latest limited flavors

Alpha Lion Limited September Pre Workout Flavors

Since announcing it earlier this year, Alpha Lion has been consistently delivering on its special edition Pre-Workout Of The Month Series as promised. It is a line of limited-time flavors, one each for two of its various pre-workouts, and they come out every month, which is not easy to do and only something we’ve seen a couple of brands do successfully.

To keep the limited series running, today, Alpha Lion has announced its next two tastes due to release this Friday through its website at precisely 3 PM Eastern Time. For the month of September, the brand has themed the products around the start of the football season with one flavor for its fat loss infused Superhuman Burn and the other for Superhuman Supreme.

Alpha Lion’s latest limited flavors are Boucher Blitz Superhuman Burn, a sour pink burst creation, and The Hail Mary Superhuman Supreme, a combination of strawberry and guava. Once again, the products are going live this coming Friday through the brand’s online store, and be sure to get in quick, as Alpha Lion has been known to sell through stock very fast.