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Alpha Lion partners with Suppz for its own limited flavor of Superhuman Supreme

Alpha Lion Suppz Sauce Superhuman

Alpha Lion has been on the ball these past few months with its special edition, Pre-Workout Of The Month Series. The brand has been staying consistent and, as promised, released two limited-time flavors, one each for two of its pre-workouts each month. While Alpha Lion has made it look the whole series efficient and easy, dropping temporary tastes is not easy, and something we’ve only seen one or two brands do at that frequency.

Despite all the effort that’s gone into its Pre-Workout Of The Month Series, Alpha Lion has been working on other products, one of which is now available and really awesome to see. The reputable brand has partnered with one of its many retail partners and put together an exclusive flavor just for them. Alpha Lion has collaborated with the reliable supplement store Suppz for a flavor of its pre-workout Superhuman Supreme.

Alpha Lion and Suppz’ special edition flavor is appropriately named Suppz Sauce, and it is a blue raspberry lemonade recipe. The product won’t cost you any more than any of Superhuman Supreme’s other flavors at Suppz at $44.95 for a tub of 21 servings. However, you will want to get in sooner rather than later as not only is Suppz Sauce Superhuman Supreme exclusive to Suppz, but it is only going to be available for a limited time.