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El Jefe Limited’s V2 version gets a few tweaks including Nitrosigine in place of S7

Asc Supplements El Jefe Limited Edition V2

Hardcore company ASC Supplements has announced another special edition version of its flagship product, the stimulant-powered pre-workout, El Jefe. The brand did the same thing around the middle of last year, although for its next limited and alternatively branded El Jefe, ASC has revamped the formula for what it’s calling El Jefe Limited Edition V2.

Much like ASC Supplements’ first El Jefe spin-off, the sequel aims to deliver a stronger stimulant experience than the regular El Jefe, while still including well-dosed ingredients to support pumps and performance. You can see the label below for the brand’s upcoming El Jefe Limited Edition V2, which isn’t all that different when compared side by side to V1.

Asc Supplements El Jefe Limited Edition V2 Label

ASC Supplements’s small changes for its special edition El Jefe from the original to the second iteration include S7 swapped out for Nitrosigine at a full 1.5g per serving and 1g less of citrulline malate at 7g. Also, instead of using just caffeine anhydrous for an intense increase in energy, the brand has moved to a combination of caffeine anhydrous and caffeine citrate.

All of the other ingredients are still in El Jefe Limited Edition V2, such as 4g of beta-alanine, 2g of taurine, and the non-transparent stimulants, eria jarensis, juglans regia, halostachine, higenamine, and yohimbine. ASC Supplements is planning to launch its limited sequel in exactly two weeks’ time on Wednesday the 13th of next month with 20 full servings a tub.