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Axe and Sledge enters the nootropic game with its boldly named Actual Intelligence

Axe And Sledge Actual Intelligence

Axe and Sledge Supplements only just came out with its all-new health and wellness product Daily Cleanse, created to support digestion, mood, bloating, inflammation, and kidney and liver function. Seth Feroce’s brand has now followed that up with another supplement for a category it wasn’t already in with the confidently named nootropic, Actual Intelligence.

Axe and Sledge’s Actual Intelligence brings together a variety of transparently dosed ingredients to enhance energy and mental focus, as well as improve cognition and creativity. It makes all of the usual nootropic product promises, and it has a reliable selection of compounds to back that up, including stimulants, although not enough for any over-the-top feeling.

Axe And Sledge Actual Intelligence Label

For energy, Axe and Sledge has packed Actual Intelligence with 100mg of PurCaf natural caffeine, and 50mg each of Compound Solutions’ signature pair of TeaCrine and Dynamine. To take care of the mental focus side of the experience, Actual Intelligence also features 200mg of alpha-GPC, 400mg of lion’s mane, 100mg of theanine, 10mg of Advantra Z, and finally, huperzine a.

The formula powering Axe and Sledge’s Actual Intelligence isn’t as loaded as other nootropics we’ve come across; however, it should be enough to deliver on its handful of promised benefits. The supplement, which is ideal for studying, work, gaming, and general productivity, is available now from the brand’s online store at $49.95 for a bottle of 30 two-capsule servings.