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Health and wellness Booster Series set to turn Blessed into a more complete brand

Ehp Labs Blessed Booster Series

Blessed is a plant-based protein powder from the Australian supplement company EHP Labs, although it is branded completely separate, to the point where you wouldn’t connect the two without knowing. In the coming days, EHP Labs is looking to turn Blessed into a more complete standalone brand with more to offer than its original vegan-friendly protein powder.

On the way from EHP Labs and Blessed is the Blessed Booster Series, which is a collection of health and wellness products in capsule form. There are three Booster supplements with Blessed Booster Debloat & Gut-Fix, Blessed Booster Skin Glow, and Blessed Booster Healthy Hair. They each describe their benefits in their name and are powered by only plant-based ingredients.

EHP Labs is keeping the full formulas behind its three Blessed Booster Series supplements under wraps, although with their launch only a few days away, we won’t be waiting too long to find out what’s in them. The gut health and beauty products are a fitting expansion for the Blessed brand and definitely hint at the possibility of even more Blessed supplements to follow.

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