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Bombbar gives its recently released energy drink its first non-fruit-based flavor

Bombbar Guarana Energy Drink

Bombbar recently entered the energy drink market with its simply named product Bombbar Energy featuring a fairly typical blend of ingredients, but enough to give you a nice anytime energy boost. Bombbar Energy brings together B vitamins, taurine, carnitine, and a relatively light 125mg of caffeine, all without any sugar and only ten calories in a 500ml can.

Bombbar Energy is back in the news this week as the Russian functional and sports nutrition company has expanded its menu. Since the beverage arrived, it has had four tastes to choose from in Lime Mint, Strawberries, Grapefruit, and Orange. The latest addition to that list and first new flavor since the product dropped is not fruity like the others with Guarana Original.

By the sounds of things, Bombbar Energy’s Guarana Original flavor is more of a classic energy drink-type taste, and a nice change of pace compared to its other four fruit-based options. The flavor comes with all of the product’s usual ingredients, including that 125mg of caffeine, and it is available for the same direct website price of 115₽ (1.58 USD) a can.

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