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Happy Fix from BPI looks to boost energy and mood in a pocket-sized shot

Bpi Sports Happy Fix Shot

BPI Sports has a fun new product out this week called Happy Fix, and like some of its other supplements that have come out over the years, it is branded differently from the rest of the line. Happy Fix is a compact 2fl oz liquid shot for you to have on the go with zero calories and featuring a handful of ingredients to increase energy and enhance mood.

Squeezed into BPI Sports’ small Happy Fix shot is a variety of vitamins and minerals, 5-HTP, guarana, the nootropics tyrosine and huperzine a, and lastly, caffeine. All of the ingredients, excluding the vitamins and minerals, come wrapped in a 282mg proprietary blend with no word on how much caffeine it has, although judging by the label, it’s nothing too high, with our guess being somewhere around 100mg per shot.

Happy Fix is a nice little on-the-go supplement from BPI Sports that features enough to give you the boost in energy it promises, and again, in its the convenient form of a small, pocket-sized shot. You can purchase the product directly from BPI Sports’ online store or the separate Happy Fix website with a box of 12 bottles at $29.99, which is $2.50 each.