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Brain Gains makes its already loaded nootropic supplements even better

Brain Gains Switch On Sequels

Nootropic specializing brand Brain Gains recently released flavored versions of its two stimulant-free, nighttime nootropic supplements, Switch Off and Switch Off Black. The powder products feature all of the same great ingredients and dosages as the original capsule editions to support and improve sleep, brain function, and as per the title, help you switch off.

Upgrade to Switch On 2.0

Brain Gains has now revealed new versions of its other nootropic supplements, the energy and focus-enhancing Switch On and Switch On Black, the former of which is stimulant-free and the latter is not. The UK-based brand is referring to its all-new Switch Ons as Switch On 2.0 and Switch On Black 2.0, as they are reformulations with enough changes to call them new and improved sequels.

Brain Gains Switch On 2 Label

The original Brain Gains release, Switch On, was already an incredibly effective nootropic product, and one that we’ve had in our list of top five focus supplements since we tried it a few years ago. For the refreshed versions of both Switch On 2.0 and Switch On Black 2.0, the brand has made them better, only adding to the products for even more comprehensive and complete experiences.

You can see the facts panel for Brain Gains’ Switch On 2.0 in the image above and Switch On Black 2.0 in the image below. They carry over all of their original well-dosed ingredients, except for Switch On Black 2.0, as there are a couple of features no longer in the mix. Dynamine has been removed and the PurCaf natural caffeine swapped for caffeine anhydrous and Infinergy di-caffeine malate, combining for a higher amount of caffeine overall.

Brain Gains Switch On Black 2 Label

As for the added ingredients, both Switch On 2.0 and Switch On Black 2.0 have had all of the same things added, including the premium energy and focus compounds EnXtra, Zynamite, and Zembrin branded sceletium tortuosum. Lutein and zeaxanthin have also been thrown in to support vision and eye health, and their TeaCrine dose increased by 50mg to 150mg and 200mg for Switch On and Switch On Black, respectively.

Where to buy

Basically, if Brain Gains’ highly competitive and effective Switch On and Switch On Black weren’t loaded enough, they’re even more so now. You can get your hands on the revamped and packed out focus supplements through the brand’s website, where they’ve maintained their previous pricing of £35 for Switch On 2.0 and £40 for Switch On Black 2.0, both with 20 full servings a tub.