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Mocha and Apple & Cinnamon flavors now available for Bulk’s crumbly Protein Flapjack

Bulk Apple Cinnamon Mocha Protein Flapjack

Bulk’s flapjack-style snack Protein Flapjack is true to its name and packs a solid 21g of protein per flapjack, and like most product’s in that style, it has more in carbohydrates at 32g. The oat-based protein bar features a crumbly texture and promises great flavor, which is a side the UK brand has decided to expand this week by way of two new tastes.

Fans of Bulk were already spoiled for choice with Protein Flapjack as it had five options on its menu, including Triple Chocolate, something more fruity in White Chocolate Berry, and a unique Golden Syrup. Joining that lineup are other two slightly more creative and uncommon flavors with a classic Apple & Cinnamon and the hot beverage-inspired Mocha.

Both the Apple & Cinnamon and Bulk Protein Flajacks are now available from Bulk’s online store, where you can grab a single protein bar at £1.99 (2.72 USD) or a box of 12 at £20.99 (28.72 USD).

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