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Standalone longjack supplement next in line for Chaos and Pain’s Chemical Series

Chaos And Pain Chemical T

Chaos and Pain’s Chemical Series is a selection of supplements all geared towards building muscle, with many of them being relatively simple and straightforward. Some of those more basic entries include Chemical E and Chemical F, both names relating directly to their only ingredient, with the former featuring epicatechin and the latter powered by fadogia agrestis.

In the coming weeks, Chaos and Pain is rolling out another addition to its Chemical Series in Chemical T, and once again, that single letter in its name connects directly to its one primary ingredient. That ingredient is tongkat ali or more commonly known as longjack, which will likely be included at a solid dose, similar to the likes of Chemical E and Chemical F.

Chaos and Pain’s Chemical T aims to help boost natural testosterone, relieve stress, and enhance muscle mass, and while we don’t have an exact launch date for you, we do know the brand will be pricing it at exactly $29.99 for a bottle of 60 capsules.

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