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G Fuel unvaults two flavors exclusively for its Summer buy one get one sale

G Fuel Unvaults Lemon Lime

The vault is a place where gaming supplement company G Fuel sends flavors of its flagship energy and focus product when it wants to discontinue it, although potentially not forever. In the past, we have seen the brand put flavors into the vault then take them out, and that is exactly what it’s done this week with two past flavors, one of which was dropped in 2020.

The returning flavors of G Fuel are Sour Cherry and one of its significantly older efforts, Lemon Lime. The products haven’t just been unvaulted for no specific reason; the brand has decided to resurrect them as exclusives for its summer buy one get one sale. We’re not sure if they’ll disappear when the promotion expires in a few hours, but for now, they are available.

If you want to grab those past Sour Cherry and Lemon Lime G Fuels, head over to and get in on the gaming brand’s buy one get one sale, where instead of paying $35.99 for a tub, you get two at $18 each.

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