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Ginger and lemon come together in X-Gamer’s unique new Ginger Queen flavor

Ginger Queen X Gamer

Days after revealing and releasing its improved King Of Banana flavor for its flagship energy and focus supplement, Sweden’s gaming brand X-Gamer has another new flavor, and this time it’s something completely new. The flavor itself is fairly common, with a combination of two tastes, although we don’t recall ever seeing them together in a stimulant product like X-Gamer.

The latest from the gaming supplement company is Ginger Queen X-Gamer, clashing ginger and lemon to create a refreshing and zesty experience that sounds like something you’ll remember. The flavor is available now through the brand’s online store, packed with all of its usual energy and focus ingredients, including 200mg of caffeine, and at a price of 349 kr (40.18 USD).

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