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X-Gamer’s King Of Bananas flavor gets creamier and tastier for 2021

Improved King Of Bananas X Gamer

Swedish gaming supplement company X-Gamer which recently released a sweet and fruity Wild Berries flavor of its balanced X-Bar, is back this month with news of another flavor for another one of its products. The release this time around isn’t completely new; it is an improved version of one that was already available for the brand’s flagship energy and focus supplement.

X-Gamer has taken its original King Of Bananas flavor for its self-titled X-Gamer product and revamped it for 2021, still calling it King Of Bananas but promising a creamier real banana taste. The renewed flavor has already replaced the original King Of Bananas in the brand’s online store, where you can now purchase it at its regular price of 349 kr (40.45 USD) for a 60 serving tub.

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