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Glaxon releases its third version of Xeno Amino now enhanced with Velositol

Glaxon Xeno Amino V3

Glaxon has relaunched its original amino supplement Xeno Amino, which is something the strong growing brand already did not that long ago, near the end of last year. In terms of formula, Glaxon has made a few tweaks, although the main focus of the product is still the same, providing a solid dose of aminos to support and improve muscle recovery and repair.

Glaxon’s Xeno Amino V3 has 10g of aminos in its two-scoop serving, although instead of having 10g of its Myo-Seq blend, the latest version of Xeno has 5g of Myo-Seq and an additional 5g of BCAAs. The brand’s Astrolyte electrolyte blend is in there at the same dose of 1.55g to support hydration, taurine has remained as well at 1g, and there is 25mg of AstraGin to enhance absorption.

Glaxon Xeno Amino V3 Label

Rounding out the Xeno Amion V3 formula are two other ingredients in hyaluronic acid, now doubled to 90mg per two-scoop serving, and Glaxon has added a full 2g of the premium Velositol to further support muscle protein synthesis. The brand has once again done a great job at tweaking and improving where it can, with the patented Velositol being a great addition.

Glaxon has relaunched Xeno Amino with three flavors on its menu, all said to be better than its last lineup with a new take on its V2 flavor Sour Berries, and the two all-new tastes Homemade Lemonade and Gummy Watermelon. Xeno Amino V2 is available through the brand’s website and will cost you $44.99 for a tub of 21 full servings or 42 servings if you don’t mind the single dosages.