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Basic and bulk unflavored beta-alanine now available from Germany’s GN Labs

Gn Labs Nanopure Beta Alanine

One of Gigas Nutrition’s handful of house brands, the similarly named GN Labs, has come out with another simple supplement, something we tend to see a lot from this one. The product is named NanoPure Beta Alanine, and that is its one and only main ingredient, with beta-alanine, of course, being a popular ingredient to support performance and endurance.

GN Labs’ NanoPure Beta Alanine is a sizeable half a kilogram tub of bulk unflavored beta-alanine powder, giving you about 166 servings if you take it at 3g a serving. You can increase or decrease the dose based on your personal preference; for example, you could bump it up to 4g, and you’ll get 125 servings; that’s one of the great benefits of bulk supplements.

Gigas Nutrition is now stocking and selling its GN Labs NanoPure Beta Alanine at a reasonable price of €19.90 (23.63 USD), making it easy and cost-effective to add the ingredient to your day-to-day stack.

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