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HYPD to debut its new look on its FU Cancer Editions of YOLO and YOLO Darkside

Hypd Supps Pink Lemonade Yolo

HYPD Supps has been around for a couple of years, and in that short time, it has managed to carve out a loyal following and make quite the name for itself, being sold in over 200 locations throughout the US. It also has a huge selection of supplements, spanning many of the popular, mainstream categories, including weight loss, pump, pre-workout, amino, and multivitamin.

There are several reliable ingredients and solid dosages in the products from HYPD Supps, especially in its more advanced and intense Darkside versions of supplements. The brand’s pre-workout YOLO Darkside is a great example of that, featuring a potent blend of DMHA, eria jarensis, and 375mg of caffeine, plus a hefty 10g of citrulline malate and 4.5g of beta-alanine.

In October, HYPD Supps is showing its support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, releasing special edition versions of its two pre-workouts, YOLO and YOLO Darkside. The brand has given them their own unique color combination of pink on white for YOLO and pink on black for YOLO Darkside, both in a limited-edition pink Lemonade flavor.

Every unit of the special edition YOLOs sold will see HYPD Supps donate $1 to Breast Cancer Research. This is in addition to the 1 For 1 initiative the brand regularly does, where every unit it sells, regardless of the product, it donates a can or food item to a food bank. Last year the program saw HYPD give a huge 13,000lbs of food, and it’s already well over that this year.

HYPD Supps’ limited-time YOLO and YOLO Darkside will be launching at the beginning of next month, and something else fans might notice about the two is they feature a slightly different look and feel, separate from the colors. The products are actually the first to be put in HYPD’s all-new branding, which is rolling out across the entire line starting next month as well.

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