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Elev Global combines sports nutrition and general health in its first eight products

Elev Global

Elev Global is one of the few brands to debut in 2021 with a worldwide approach based in Europe and Canada, and for a new brand, it has started in an impressive range of categories. Instead of rolling out in just pre-workout or weight loss, Elev Global has a health and sports nutrition-focused selection, which is fitting as its goal is to support people outside of the gym as much as it does inside.

The newcomer has two types of protein powder, Pure Whey and the much more calorie-dense Mass Matrix, and a dedicated carbohydrate formula in Carbo Pro. Alongside all of those nutrition-based products are equally straightforward creatine, glutamine, and EAA items, the first two available in Unflavored stackable options, then for the EAA-powered amino, it has an actual flavor in Strawberry Punch.

Elev Global

The rest of the Elev Global family is where it gets into the more health and wellness side of things, with a comprehensive multivitamin in Supreme Vitamins and an omega-3 formula simply named Ultra Omega3. It is a solid set of supplements to start out with, and as mentioned, it’s refreshing to see as, most of the time, new brands debut with things like pre-workout, protein, and weight loss.

While Elev Global doesn’t have any of those popular types of products at the moment, it is worth noting the brand has plenty of growth and expansion planned, even saying on its website it has more items coming. We’ll be sharing updates and developments on the new brand as they come, but for now, you can check out everything it has to offer over at