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Crispy apple flavor Juice Box is the fourth limited release for RAZE Energy

Juice Box Raze Energy

Since the launch of its limited-edition Strawberry Lemonade flavor of RAZE Energy in June, the beverage brand RAZE has been dropping an all-new limited-time taste every month. As mentioned, it all started with Strawberry Lemonade, which was followed by Rainbow in July, then last month we got the sweet, refreshing, and fast-selling White Peach.

RAZE is, of course, continuing its run of limited-edition flavors in the month of September, with the next entry in its short-lived series being the crisp apple creation Juice Box RAZE Energy. Like every other option of the energy drink’s menu, the Juice Box RAZE Energy features a bright and eye-catching design full of colors and graphics to match its flavors.

The all-new and still zero calorie Juice Box RAZE Energy is due to be available sometime this week, as today is the 28th, leaving only two days until October, where we’ll presumably get some sort of Halloween-themed flavor.