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Muscle Sport’s next cereal flavor of Lean Whey looks to be Froot Loop-themed

Muscle Sport Froot Loops Lean Whey

In just over a week or so, Muscle Sport is coming out with another cereal-themed creation for its popular and typically well-flavored protein powder, Lean Whey. The brand was truly one of the first to make cereal flavors a trend when it introduced its Lean Charms Lean Whey many years ago, combining its Lean Whey formula with real sweet and crunchy Lucky Charms cereal pieces.

The next new cereal flavor for Lean Whey due to launch from Muscle Sport in exactly one week has not had its name revealed yet; however, it does have a teaser, clearly pointing at it being a Froot Loops-themed flavor. You can see that teaser in the image above with colorful hoop cereal throughout its label, which will be completely unveiled next week when it arrives next Friday.