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Myoband combines three common carbohydrate sources for its all-new Carbs

Myoband Carbs

Carbs is another new supplement from the UK-based brand Myoband, following on from its handful of new flavors for its high-protein Myobar and its reasonably well-dosed pre-workout Hotshot. The product is incredibly simple, featuring only carbohydrate sources and nothing else, and to make it easier to mix with other supplements, it comes in unflavored powder.

Myoband Carbs is a relatively straightforward, time-released blend of the common carbohydrate sources, pure cyclic dextrin, fructose, and maltodextrin, combining to provide 48.4g of carbs with 11.8g of that sugar in a 50g serving. Once again, it is a very simple product, and that simplicity is reflected in its price of £20 (27.68 USD) for a 1kg tub, which is 20 servings at 50g each.