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Three new flavors come to Myoband’s impressively low-calorie Myobar

Myoband Three New Myobar Flavors

Alongside the launch of its all-new stimulant pre-workout Hotshot from a few weeks ago, UK brand Myoband is back in the news with three new tastes for its edible product, the Myobar. For anyone not familiar with the brand and product, the Myobar is actually incredibly lean with a hefty 25g of protein per bar, 5.8g of fat, only 10.1g of carbohydrates, and a lean total of 192 calories.

Previously there was just one flavor available for Myoband’s Myobar with a straightforward Chocolate, now there are three others, taking the menu to four with Peanut Butter, Caramel Bliss, and Strawberry Milkshake. They pack between 25 to 26g of protein in a single 50g bar, and currently, all but the fruit-themed Strawberry Milkshake are available for purchase from the brand’s website.

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