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Delicious Brownie Bliss flavor comes to ProPud Milkshake for a limited time

Njie Brownie Bliss Propud Milkshake

NJIE’s flagship on-the-go protein drink, the ProPud Series ProPud Milkshake, already has several tastes to choose from, including a traditional chocolate-based option. The product is one of the tastier high-protein beverages we’ve had the pleasure of trying packing a good amount of protein at 20g in its 330ml bottle and 45g in its mammoth-sized 750ml.

NJIE may have a Chocolate flavor available for its ProPud Milkshake, although starting this week, it has a second chocolate-based taste, but it’s only going to be around for a limited time. That undoubtedly delicious new creation is the Brownie Bliss ProPud Milkshake, promising its usual creamy consistency with a rich brownie taste and that same solid 20g of protein.

Once again, NJIE’s Brownie Bliss ProPud Milkshake is a limited launch, so while it is out and available in the brand’s home country of Sweden, that is only the case for a short time.

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