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Nutrabolics gets ready to release its sleep aid Sleep Hack to replace Blackout

Nutrabolics Sleep Hack

Blackout has been Nutrabolics’ sleep and recovery support supplement since early 2019, although, for 2021, it is moving to a new and improved product named Sleep Hack. The upcoming supplement features almost all of the same ingredients and dosages, aiming to provide a similar experience to Blackout with improved and enhanced quality of sleep.

There are essentially three key changes in the formula from Nutrabolics’ original sleep aid Blackout to its all-new Sleep Hack, which is due to launch sometime next month. As mentioned, almost all of the ingredients and dosages from Blackout have been carried over to Sleep Hack, with the exception of GABA, tryptophan, and an all-new feature in mugwort.

The changes with GABA from Blackout to Sleep Hack is Nutrabolics has lowered its dose from 2g all the way down to 750mg, with tryptophan also seeing a drop by 20% from 250 to 200mg a serving. To make up for the drops, the brand has added mugwort to the mix at a full 150mg, an ingredient said to enhance dreams and further improve quality of sleep.

Once again, Nutrabolics’ Sleep Hack is due to launch somewhere in the month of October, and like Blackout, the brand’s newest sleep support product will be available in capsule form with the usual 30 servings per bottle.