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OWN Wonderspread Review: An expensive but premium evolution of peanut butter

Own Wonderspread Review

The functional brand OWN or officially “OWN Your Hunger”, was initially known for its unique protein bar made using artificial intelligence technology. The brand utilized the technology to find the best balance of taste, macros, and fullness, resulting in a bar packing 20g of protein with only a gram of sugar, 210 calories, and made with ingredients like whey, milk protein crisps, peanut butter, and allulose.

Since its debut, OWN has become known for another product, and like its original protein bar, it is also quite unique with Wonderspread. It is a nut butter made using the alternative fat replacer EPG, and it comes in peanut butter and chocolate hazelnut flavors, the former of which we got our hands on for review. While we didn’t know what to expect, the spread thoroughly surprised us in many ways.

Own Wonderspread Review


The nutrition profile on OWN’s Wonderspread is one of its key highlights; as mentioned, it is made with EPG, a low-calorie, modified plant-based oil that gives it much lower fat and calories than traditional peanut butter. The macros on a typical two-tablespoon serving of the peanut butter Wonderspread has 6g of protein, 8g of carbohydrates, only a gram of sugar, 9g of fat, and 100 calories.

Those calories are close to half of what you get in a two-tablespoon serving of traditional peanut butter, all thanks to that lower fat. There are, obviously, people who eat peanut butter for its fat, and in that case, you could always have more to scale up the macros. Either way, the nutrition profile is a key part of Wonderspread, but there is one other area that needs highlighting and is even more impressive.

Own Wonderspread Review

OWN’s Wonderspread peanut butter actually tastes better than any other clean peanut butter we’ve tried, excluding, of course, all of the inclusion-filled nut butters out there. The product has an absolutely incredible sweetness to it that puts it over any other peanut butter we’ve enjoyed, and that even goes for the many out there that have added sugar, which is not the case on this one.

Wonderspread is kind of like the next evolution of peanut butter as it has a buttery, creamy consistency and a sweet and strong peanut flavor with less fat and calories per serving. Again, it’s probably not as intriguing for those that eat peanut butter for its specific nutrition, and while we did say it gives you the ability to eat more to get the fat and calories to match, there is a downside to that.

Own Wonderspread Review

The price of OWN’s Wonderspread is not cheap; in fact, next to traditional peanut butter, it is very expensive, coming in at $15 for a 12oz jar or $13 each when buying two. Even next to some of the specialty nut butters out there, it is high, and despite its truly premium features in great taste and incomparable texture, $15 for a small jar is likely out of a monthly budget for a lot of peanut butter lovers.


OWN’s Wonderspread is really something different and while it has its good and bad points, if you have the chance and are a big fan of the nutritious food, do your best to get your hands on a sample. The only thing we can relate the flavor to is very sugary peanut butter although there is only a gram of sugar in a serving and no added sugar, and it’s one of the smoothest peanut butters you’ll find.

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