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PEScience finally gives fans a limited edition Fall flavor for Select Protein

Pescience Pumpkin Pie Select Protein

One of the many supplements PEScience is known for is its reputable and delicious Select Protein powder that comes in a great selection of flavors, including its original hit, Snickerdoodle. However, despite how long the product has been around, the brand has not joined in on the fun of the Fall season and put together any sort of pumpkin-themed flavor, until now.

For a very limited time, if you head to PEScience’s online store, you can grab its popular Select protein powder in an entirely new Pumpkin Pie flavor that sounds as on point as you could want. According to the brand, the product delivers a fresh pumpkin filling taste combined with sweet whipped cream and pie crust, aiming for a true-to-name experience.

As per usual, PEScience has a deal available where if you use the coupon code “INSIDER”, you can get its limited-edition Pumpkin Pie Select Protein at $29.74 for a tub of 27 servings. The nutrition profile of the product is about the same as all of the others, packing 24g of protein a serving, a gram of fat, 3g of carbohydrates with a gram of that sugar, and 120 calories.