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Scorpion drops its energy drink competitor featuring a light pre-workout formula

Scorpion Supplements Boom Energy Drink

Scorpion Supplements is another New Zealand-based brand that has entered the energy drink market, similar to the retailer Xplosiv and its recently released energy-boosting beverage Ping. Scorpion’s competitor is called Boom, and it doesn’t take the typical energy drink approach to its formula, putting more in the mix for pre-workout benefits like performance and endurance.

Packed into a single 440ml can of Scorpion Supplement’s Boom energy drink is a moderate 200mg of caffeine, 2.5g of beta-alanine and 1.16g of betaine for performance, and a light 1.73g of pure citrulline for pumps. There are a few other active ingredients, although they’re not listed with exact dosages in tyrosine and various vitamins, and we don’t unfortunately know its macros either.

While the product doesn’t have the variety of ingredients and loaded dosages you get from a fully loaded powder pre-workout, Boom isn’t a bad effort considering its competition. Scorpion Supplement has launched its first-ever beverage in two flavors Grape and Limeade, available now through its website in packs of six or 12 at $4.50 (3.20 USD) and $4 (2.84 USD) a can, respectively.