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Skinny Food shares an update on Skinny Light and it is an incredibly light bar

Skinny Food Co Skinny Light Bar

Way back at the beginning of the year, The Skinny Food Co previewed an all-new product with Skinny Light, which only had a few details shared at the time. The UK functional brand confirmed Skinny Light was high in protein and low in sugar, packing 60 to 65 calories, something we initially believed to be like Skinny Food’s Duo Bar and be calories per piece, making it 120 to 130 per pack.

Several months later, The Skinny Food Co has followed up on that Skinny Light reveal from February and finally passed on more information about the product that is still coming soon and is now closer than ever. The update from the brand clears up the calorie question, confirming that the 60 to 65 calories are, in fact, what an entire Skinny Light has in every bar, making it true to its name.

Once again, the bar-format snack Skinny Light is still on the way from The Skinny Food Co and is due to release in the coming weeks and months. The product is also dropping in the same three flavors from that first preview in February with Double Chocolate, Jaffa Cake, and Salted Caramel.