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Staunch puts actual cookie pieces into its classic Cookies ‘N’ Creme protein powder

Staunch Whey Isolate Cookies N Creme

Calum Von Moger’s brand Staunch has a new flavor out this month for its premium, whey isolate-based protein powder Staunch Whey Isolate, although it isn’t anything unique or overly creative. The supplement does have some interesting options on its menu with the likes of Midnight Cereal and Caramel Von Mocha, as well as some more traditional tastes such as Vanilla Ice Cream and Chocolate Peanut Butter.

The latest launch from Staunch is more along the lines of Vanilla Ice Cream and Chocolate Peanut Butter, being a more common, traditional type flavor with a Cookies ‘N’ Creme Staunch Whey Isolate. The option somewhat maintains the product’s nutrition profile led by 25g of protein, all from fast-absorbing whey isolate, alongside 1.5g of fat, a moderate 6g of carbohydrates with 2g of that sugar, and 130 calories.

The carbohydrates in the Cookies ‘N’ Creme Staunch Whey Isolate are definitely higher than all of the supplement’s other flavors, especially Vanilla Ice Cream, which has just a gram per serving. The reason behind that is the brand has put actual cookie pieces into its new Cookies ‘N’ Creme flavor, so the extra carbohydrates are likely worth it, and you can grab the product now through the Staunch website at $44 a tub.