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ONE_shot_GURL and G Fuel team up for a sweet Strawberry Slushie flavor

Strawberry Slushie G Fuel

Gaming giant G Fuel has another special edition flavor to share this week, once again for its flagship energy and focus enhancing supplement and put together in partnership with an ambassador. If you’re at all familiar with the brand, you’ll know collaboration flavors are something it does incredibly often, and its latest is once again a creative and tasty effort.

G Fuel has teamed up with gamer and streamer ONE_shot_GURL, known for her accurate sniping ability, to create a Strawberry Slushie flavor of the brand named supplement, G Fuel. The sweet and refreshing flavor can be seen in the picture above alongside a shaker, and to further enforce the collaboration with ONE_shot_GURL, both feature her crosshairs logo.

G Fuel and ONE_shot_GURL’s Strawberry Slushie is not going to be available for another few weeks on Wednesday the 22nd of September in both 40 serving tubs and a collector’s box with the supplement and shaker.

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