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Switch unveils its collagen competitor and as you’d expect it’s not straightforward

Switch Nutrition Collagen Switch

This Wednesday, local time, Australian brand Switch Nutrition is launching a collagen-based supplement, a category that’s become quite popular over the years and something we expected Switch to get into eventually. Like most of the brand’s products, its collagen competitor is not straightforward, combining a good dose of collagen with a handful of other features.

Collagen Switch is Switch Nutrition’s collagen supplement, formulated to comprehensively support healthy hair, skin, and nails, improve hydration, and enhance recovery. The product’s key ingredient is, of course, collagen, included as a blend of bovine and marine collagen to provide types I, II, and III, and while there is no dose listed, there is enough to result in 12g of protein.

On top of the collagen, Switch Nutrition’s Collagen Switch has added tryptophan, so the formula contains all nine essential amino acids, glycine and glutamine for joints and gut health, and finally, digestive enzymes and vitamin C to improve the absorption and utilization of collagen.

As mentioned, Collagen Switch is not a straightforward collagen product, although that is to be expected coming from Switch Nutrition, and the supplement has quite a few options. When it arrives this Wednesday, it’ll be available in a small 20 serving tub and a large 75 serving, with a stackable Unflavored option, and two actual flavors in Rich Chocolate and Mango Pineapple.