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USN turns another popular South African dessert into a protein powder for Heritage Day

Usn Heritage Day Milk Tart Bluelab Whey

Last year for South Africa’s Heritage Day, the hugely popular South African supplement company USN, put together a unique Malva Pudding and Custard flavor for its Diet Fuel Ultralean protein powder. Malva pudding is a traditional dessert from the country combining spongy cake with tasty apricot jam and commonly served with custard, hence the whole name of USN’s flavor.

For Heritage Day in 2021, USN is doing a similar kind of thing to its Malva Pudding and Custard Diet Fuel Ultralean, by launching a completely new but still unique special edition flavor and for a different product. This time around, the brand has turned the popular South African dessert Melktert or Milk Tart into a flavor of one of its many other protein powders in Blue Lab Whey.

Traditionally, Milk Tart is a dessert featuring a custard filling made from milk, flour, sugar, and eggs, inside a delicious pastry crust. USN has attempted to replicate that experience in Blue Lab Whey and provide a lean protein powder nutrition profile. The limited-time Heritage Day flavor is launching this Friday, right on the day itself, through USN’s direct-to-consumer online store.