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Fourth protein powder confirmed and coming soon from the UK’s Xplosive Ape

Xplosive Ape Whey To Go

Apparel brand turned supplement company Xplosive Ape already has a handful of protein powders available, each with its own point of difference. There is the original blend-style, sustained-release Xplosive Ape Protein; the plant-based and vegan-friendly No Whey; and lastly, the more cost-effective whey-concentrate-powered product, Simply Protein.

Xplosive Ape has now announced a fourth competitor for the saturated protein powder market, introducing a colorful new supplement named “Whey To Go”. We’re not sure what is going to separate Whey To Go from the UK brand’s other three protein products, but it obviously features whey as a main source, just like Xplosive Ape Protein and Simply Protein.

Xplosive Ape has also confirmed Whey To Go will provide 22.9g of protein in each of its 67 servings per tub with a reasonable 109 calories, and it’ll be further enhanced with enzymes to improve digestion. The supplement is due to launch soon, at which point we’ll get more information, most importantly, what separates it from the brand’s other proteins.