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AllGood gives its plant protein a makeover but maintains all of its unique features

Allgood Nutrition Plant Protein

AllGood Nutrition, originally known as Limitless Nutrition, has revamped its plant-based protein powder, which is very different from your traditional vegan-friendly competitor. The supplement provides a solid source of protein from only plant-based ingredients, although what makes it stand out is it’s also infused with nootropics for focus and adaptogens.

The all-new version of AllGood Nutrition’s vegan protein powder obviously continues that plant-based theme and still features those additional nootropics and adaptogens. The differences are the brand has given the product a refreshed label design and smoother texture making for a better taste experience in Delicious Chocolate and Vanilla Cinnamon flavors.

AllGood Nutrition’s simply named Plant Protein has essentially gone through a complete makeover, from head to toe, but maintained those highlights that separate it from the many competitors out there. The brand debuted the updated supplement at the Australian retailer Australian Sports Nutrition, which is also getting an exclusive flavor at some point.