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Bloody Hell adds another stimulant-free pump product to the Apollon lineup

Apollon Bloody Hell

Apollon Nutrition has been absolutely relentless this year, not only expanding its reach with new retailers and distributors but basically blowing up its selection of supplements. We’ve seen special edition products, several new flavors, multiple new categories, not to mention functional foods, and for Halloween this weekend, the brand is treating its fans to another release.

Bloody Hell is launching from Apollon Nutrition this Halloween, and while it is for a sub-category the brand already covers in stimulant-free pumps, the formula behind this is quite different. Bare Knuckle is Apollon’s primary pump competitor, packed full of highlights such as 8g of pure citrulline and 1.5g of agmatine, and some focus features are in there too with lion’s mane and tyrosine.

Apollon Nutrition’s Bloody Hell comes in capsule format instead of flavored powder, and it has a simpler formula compared to Bare Knuckle, powered by three key ingredients. Each four capsule serving of the brand’s latest pump supplement comes with a full 1.5g of premium Nitrosigine, 508mg of VasoDrive-AP, and lastly, 600mg of CellFlo6 green tea leaf extract.

Apollon Bloody Hell Label

Due to the different formula in Bloody Hell, you can seamlessly stack the product with Bare Knuckle for even more intense muscle pumps or any other Apollon Nutrition supplement for that matter, to add or improve pumps. The brand has really designed it to be something that can stack with other pre-workouts and even pump-specific pre-workouts without worrying about too much crossover.

Once again, Apollon Nutrition is launching its newest product this weekend on Halloween, and as per usual, it’ll be available first through the brand’s own online store at Like Apollon’s many other pre-workout category supplements, Bloody Hell will have 20 full servings per bottle, so if you stack it with say, Assassin or Hooligan, you’ll finish them all at the same time.